About Us

Hamamatsu Uoichi Co., Ltd.
Based in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan since 1978, we are the leading supplier of fresh and frozen seafood from Japan.
Hamamatsu Uoichi has a good relationship with packers in many different areas of Japan and are experienced in bringing quality seafood from Japan to anywhere in the world.
Our professional team of experts with the know-how of seafood will assist you in finding the right products for you.

Seafood for any use
Whole round fish for everyday use, raw materials for canning, or for any other use, we can provide the product you require with your preferred packing style.
Let our staff help find the perfect product you are looking for.

Why choose us?
Confidence in providing our customers with the best products.
Quality will never be compromised.
Information on the current situation of seafood in Japan. We will always be informed with landing situations, prices and any other information which we acquire everyday.
Value for you and your customer with our high quality products.

We at Hamamatsu Uoichi also import goods from various countries. The products we are interested in can be found on our products page, which will be sold to our customers in Japan.